For many businesses, security cameras are essential. These cameras can come in handy for a variety of purposes, from liability issues to theft and beyond. As you shop for security camera systems for your business, you’ll encounter a couple of terms over and over again – closed circuit and monitored. What do these mean, and which is right for you? The main difference between the two is the response if an incident happens.  According to, “you’re not only responsible for monitoring your system—you also have to manually call law enforcement when something goes wrong”. Let’s take a closer look.

Closed Circuit Cameras Stay In-House

The name ‘closed circuit’ tells you pretty much all you need to know about this kind of system. Once you put cameras in place, those cameras will each return a video feed to a central location – but it won’t go any further than that. You might have someone sitting and watching these cameras during certain hours of the day, or you might just be recording so you can look back later should something happen. Whatever the case, the ‘closed circuit’ nature of this system keeps all of the video activity right there on the property.

Monitoring is a Different Approach

A monitored camera system is one that is – you guessed it – monitored at all times, usually by a third party. So, you put your cameras in place and then you pay for a monitoring service each month which will track activity and contact authorities when necessary. This is more of an active security solution, where closed circuit TV is often just used to record video for liability purposes. If you need a system that will protect your premises after hours, for instance, monitoring is the way to go.

No One-Size-Fits-All Approach

The value of working with a company like All Out Media on a project is that we can bring our skills and experience to help you craft a security solution that is right for your situation. It may be that a closed circuit TV system will be best, or you might need monitoring. Or, as a third possibility, you could require some blend of the two. Only when you get help from experienced professionals will you be able to settle on something that is just right.

Don’t Overanalyze the Situation

It would be easy to sit around for weeks or months trying to devise the perfect security camera system – but that is not the right way to approach this project. You want to get something in place right away, so it can start to work for you. It would be a shame to have something happen that could have been helped by cameras while you were still thinking about how to iron out the details. Work out a plan and get started on this important job ASAP.

All Out Media Is Ready to Serve Your Business

Still a little confused about the security camera world? Not to worry – All Out Media Solutions is here to help. You don’t have to be an expert in this field, because we are, and our team is ready to work with you. Contact us today to get started!