Parking Surveillance System

We design, develop, and install surveillance cameras used in parking lots, garages, and shopping centers.

Pole Mounted Parking Lot Cameras

Parking lot surveillance cameras can deter crime on your property.  They protect customers and staff traveling to and from their vehicles as well as valuables on the property.  When criminal activity is captured on video, it is easier to prosecute and prevent further problems.  Our security cameras provide 24/7 video surveillance that can be monitored.

Parking Garage Surveillance System

We offer parking lot security cameras that are self sufficient and solar powered that are loaded with features like wireless connectivity, night vision, facial recognition, and even license plate detection.

All Out Surveillance will install parking lot cameras at car lots, garages, storage facilities, shopping centers, warehouses, construction sites, and more.

Will and Kenneth are amazing, professional, quick, courteous, and tidy. They were able to run the cabling needed after ATT, an electrician, 2 handyman, and a contractor said it could be done. For the first time since I moved into my house I have cable and internet on BOTH floors, functional. And they were also very contentious of making sure my cats didn't accidentally get out. I would highly recommend their services and will be calling them again for future projects.

Lee Ann Hellums Avatar Lee Ann Hellums
October 27, 2020

On time professional service, Will was knowledgeable and made sure I had what I needed...

mdt9981 Avatar mdt9981
October 27, 2020

I'd been putting off this project of mounting a TV because I didn't want it to cost a fortune and be a hassle. As soon as they finished...I immediately regretting not having called sooner. They were so professional and clean! Love love love my new mounted tv and I will DEFINITELY be calling them for my next project!!!

Sarah Larson Avatar Sarah Larson
November 19, 2018